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I would have put together a hammock by now, also.

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Dec. 14th, 2005 | 05:07 pm
mood: perdu
posted by: calamityjake in rapecave

Hey guys.

So this bitch on the internet said that I was, like, a jerk or something? So now I totally hate her. I'm going to email LJ_abuse and get her ass BANNED.

Oh, wrong comm. Uh, well, I thought we were supposed to be talking about Lost. I'll start: I am disgusted by this show. 2/3 through last season it became clear to me that the writers had no clue where the plot was going--I assume because they expected it to get canceled after 5 episodes--and were just making it up as they went along. Every episode a thousand ridiculous things happened and a thousand goofy backstory elements were revealed, all to distract the viewer from the fact that nothing was ever resolved. And are you telling me that Jin couldn't pick up "hello" or "oh shit, the monster is clanking along toward you" in 6 weeks stuck on an island with nothing but gaijins? He managed to pick up "utters," finally, but if he put half as much time into language acquisition as he does to pectoral definition I bet he'd be at least as well-spoken as the Governator. So yeah. The first season was filled with exciting cliffhangers and suspense but very little in the way of cogent plot development or resolution.

I think that, after hearing a lot of similar complaining from other people last year, going into the 2nd season they decided to try to work on an actual plot and putting some pieces together. Unfortunately, they also made the show REALLY BORING. Plus, all the new people from the other side of the island are uninteresting dullards. I think that each episode is basically defined by which cast members happened to be available that week. I mean, wtf happened to our hobbit friend? And the fattie? And isn't there a baby or something? And isn't it strange that the "monster" basically seems to have gone on holiday lately? They're always out in the jungle alone picking breadfruit and playing horseshoes and humming little ditties to themselves, and all that ever happens is Ana Lucia Maria Valderrama Cortez shoots the blonde girl. No others, no monster, no heroin planes... I want my fucking money back.

Good acting, well-written dialogue, and decent direction don't make up for a lack of any guiding conceit.

I give the current incarnation of Lost 1 biscuit out of 4.

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from: les_voyages
date: Dec. 16th, 2005 02:46 am (UTC)

current mood.


i like the tal, peaceful guy?

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